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Our Legacy

What We Stand For

Our Director, Ehab Zenga, a former professional soccer player has been involved in youth soccer development in the USA since 2000 and in Orange County since 2005. He has trained and coached locally, in competitive soccer clubs and universities, and most recently part of the coaching staff of Chivas USA and the US ARMY National Team who went to the World Cup in 2013. 

As a first step to making dreams come true for Anaheim’s youth, Legacy FC currently participates in the United Premier Soccer League as an amateur semi- professional team. More than half of the starting players are residents of Anaheim.

In order for Legacy FC to continue moving forward to grow into our vision, we find it necessary to enlist the support of the City of Anaheim’s families, businesses and community organizations. 

As soccer is growing in the USA, we believe Legacy FC can become the cornerstone of professional sports; just like the Anaheim Ducks or the Anaheim Angels. We realize we cannot do it alone but need the support of those who believe in our vision.

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